Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Heart Down2Eat

I love my blog. YES it is made from a really lame template and NO I’m not very good at posting regularly, I never get any comments, and its not going to be made into a movie anytime soon, but lots of positive things come out of it.

  1. Helps me move past two of my biggest blog fears- being a bad writer and no one caring about what I have to say. I may not have perfect grammar, but I have a fun way of saying things, and I care what I have to say… and so does my mom, my boyfriend….and, well… I think that’s about the only people who read it. Anyone else out there? PLEASE COMMENT!!
  2. Gives me something constructive to do while being unemployed. Cooking and writing fills my time. Developing my writing skills is great for my future career in Marketing/PR, and developing my cooking skills will make for some very happy bellies.
  3. Inspires me to do bigger, better blogs! What’s next? My own domain name? A blog without a template? I’m seriously considering a Cook-Through Blog a la my new favorite movie Julie and Julia.

Keep checking back to see what’s cooking next…

1 comment:

  1. I'm reading! I found your blog today while searching out other cook through blogs. I'm getting ready to start mine soon!