Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bizarre Eats

Traveling and trying new foods is always an adventure, but it can be uncomfortable when cultures differ on what is considered “food”. I expanded my “food” boundaries in Spain with pig ears, fried lamb stomach, and suckling (yes, as in baby) pigs. The lamb stomach and the suckling pig were amazing! I look forward to my next trip to Spain so I can try them again. The pigs ear tasted great, too. It was garlicky and buttery, but when I mentioned to my friend that I wasn’t too fond of the texture, she blurted out “Yeah! That’s because you are eating cartilage and fat and skin!!”. Needless to say, I couldn’t clean my plate.

Los Cuchinillos (baby pigs) ready for the oven at Botin, the World's Oldest Restaurant.
Resturante Botin, Calle de los Cuchillerros 17, Madrid, Spain

Fried lamb stomach at a Spanish street festival, served Spanish style with lots of bread.

I'm not anxious to try "the Golden Ear" again.
La Oreja de Oro, Calle de La Victoria 9, Madrid, Spain

I’m not obsessed with trying weird things but apparently there’s a large group of Foodies who feel the stranger, the better. Fans of Travel Channel shows Bizarre Foods and Anthony Bordain’s No Reservations are disappointed if an episode doesn’t include the consumption of a few testicles. It’s not just the older chefs that are in on the weird food. I discovered an interesting Blog called Weird Meat. Blogger Michael was a vegetarian, oddly enough, but his curiosity about why cultures eat what they do has made him put aside his all-veggie habits. If you are traveling to a new country and are looking for some weird eats, his blog will serve as an awesome guide.

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