Monday, April 19, 2010

Eat with Your Eyes: Madison Edition

I take pictures of my food all the time with the intent to blog about it later. Some of the pictures become part of my blog, but most of them just sit on my phone, never to be seen again....until now! This is the first in a series of blogs featuring those lost food photos. In honor of my move from Petersburg, VA to Madison, WI here's some pics of the good eats I've enjoyed in Madison.

I'm not a steak person, but my first trip to the Tornado Room I was jealous of Phil's peppercorn encrusted filet. Phil is a pretty humble guy, except when it comes to ordering food. He's confident that he always picks the best dish on the menu. I have to admit, he is pretty good, I find myself jealous of his food pretty often. Luckily he will share as long as I don't let him eat it all first. You can bet I ordered the peppercorn steak on our second visit. Phil ordered the lamb.

Tornado Room
116 South Hamilton Street
Madison, WI

Steak too fancy for you? How about some macaroni and cheese pizza? After a night out on State Street Ian's Pizza makes the best late-night munchies. This pictures is from the State Street location. Apparently they have a BYOB Ian's in Chicago!

Ian's Pizza
151 State Street
Madison, WI


3463 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL

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