Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Burger Paradise

Yesterday I typed "paradise" into my GPS and that's exactly where I ended up. More specifically, Paradise Pup, a tiny burger/hot dog joint in Des Plaines, Illinois that serves fast food Chicago style. My belly was rumbling as I approached but I whispered "I know we're here but there will probably be a line, but don't worry, it will be worth it".* The only thing more famous than the char grilled burgers at the Pup is the line which is usually out the door on "warm"** days like this. Somehow the foodie gods were smiling on me because there was no line! I stepped up to the counter and ordered the following: Chicago style hot dog, cheddar burger, 3 layer fries and chocolate banana milkshake. While I could have easily consumed all this food myself, Scott was nice enough to come along to save me a few calories as well as act as photographer. He actually had to stop me from chowing down so he could take a picture.

The burger, sitting pretty on its fresh tasting, soft, glorious bun tasted charred and delicious. Fresh veggies and grilled onions came along for the ride, and the cheddar cheese came to play- it was sharp and flavorful. I later found out the cheddar was from my new home state, Wisconsin.

I won't bore you with long descriptions of the other foods, since you are probably drooling right now and ready to get in a car or on a plane to come try burger paradise for yourself.

*If you have been reading my blog you know how obsessed I am with food and probably aren't surprised I talk to my belly.
**Using quotes here because as a Virginian I would not consider 65 degrees warm, but hey, I'm a Midwest transplant now, my standards are changing.

The burger of my dreams.
3 layer fries!
Yep, these burgers are famous!

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