Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hot Lava? Hot CHOCOLATE Lava!

I was watching a Food Network special (shocking, I know) about Thanksgiving desserts and noticed a serious lack of chocolate! Today also happens to be my mom's birthday so what better excuse to make something chocolatey.

These Chocolate Lava Cakes look and taste amazing, but they are surprisingly easy to make! I only wanted to make 3 cakes, and made that super easy. Just type in how many servings you want and it will recalculate the amounts for you.

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  1. Commenting on my own blog- Yup I'm lame.

    Anyway, was watching Top Chef Finale and I think it was Michael who made a lava cake for dessert. Chef Colicchio said that since he waited too long to serve it, the caked absorbed all the "lava" and it made the whole thing seem dry. Lesson: serve your hot lava cakes as soon as possible!